Lucy Kerr

Family Portrait (feature drama, in postproduction, digital video, color, sound)

Set at the dawn of Covid-19, Family Portrait follows the Wilsons, a sprawling Texas family, on a morning at their vacation home when they have planned to take a picture for their annual Christmas card before one of the daughters, Katy, and her boyfriend, Olek, must go to the airport. Christmas card portraits, a distinctly suburban White American tradition, aim to represent the family as a stable unit, signifying that the year has passed without conflict. As the family photograph’s scheduled time approaches, the family hears the visceral news of their young relative’s passing from a mysteriously fatal virus while the matriarch suddenly vanishes. While Katy desperately attempts to gather her family for the photo op, her family falls away from her, losing themselves.

Director: Lucy Kerr
Producer: Insufficient Funds, NSF
Director of Photography: Lidia Nikonova
Written by: Lucy Kerr and Karlis Bergs
Editing: Lucy Kerr and Karlis Bergs

FIDLab AirFrance Prize 2022, Austin Film Society Feature Film Grant 2022, US in Poland 2022 New Horizons Award


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