Sensible Ecstasy (video installation, 4 minutes on loop, digital video, color, sound, 2018)

The extremely close up portraits in Sensible Ecstasy resemble ecstasies of female saints, expressing desires to extend beyond the limits of the body and touch the sky, while mobilized by roller coasters - apparatuses that capitalize on this desire. The installation evokes an unnerving sense that emotional and affective states of the body have long been harnessed and utilized by the dominant culture, including the Catholic Church, which was the most important proxy political organization during the European Later Middle Ages, and now, through proxy political organizations such as entertainment industries. The cinematography is in homage to Carl Theodore Dreyer's The Passion of Joan of Arc, in which Renee Falconneti's visage is confined relentlessly in extreme close ups throughout the film. 

The McEvoy Foundation for the Arts 2022, REDCAT 2019, Echo Park Film Center 2018, Gallery ALSO Los Angeles, CA 2019

Performances by Lucy Kerr, Elyse Desmond, and Kristen DeLillo


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