Triangle Walks (15 minutes, audio walk expanded with augmented reality, 2021)

Triangle Walks, devised by OKTA Collective (Lucy Kerr, Dovile Aleksaite, Alisi Telengut) is an audio walk expanded with augmented reality that envisions interdependent relationships between humans and different species. Drawing on science fiction writer Octavia E. Butler’s story, Amnesty, in which alien entities called Communities communicate with humans by enfolding them, the augmented audio walk unfolds  the perspective of “the other”–one that is a composite organism consisting of multiple entities. The “other” in Triangle Walks is derived from research surrounding the lichen, which consists of organisms from two different biological kingdoms, and whose own super technology of photosynthesis is rendered a powerful process that might also enfold us. Through visual encounters in augmented reality, the project proposes the future paradigm - what is it to be “we” rather than “me”? 

NEW NOW: Another End is Possible at Zollverein Essen, Germany 2021



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