Lucy Kerr

Crashing Waves (film and installation, 16mm print and DCP, 18 minutes, color, sound, 2021)

Crashing Waves, a simple but dense three-part film, follows a testimony from a stunt performer who reflects on both the ecstasy and peril involved in their labor to defy gravity. While images produced for Hollywood appear slick and controlled, the performer's testimony reveals otherwise, as they parse out all of the elements that go into a car crashing off a cliff into water for a TV show, unfolding the months of labor, training, and danger that the stunt involved and contingent on capitalist, patriarchal hierarchies in the film industry. Through a bird's eye view meditation on Malibu's oceanside - a landscape in Los Angeles evocative of Hitchcock film - coupled with the gripping testimony, Crashing Waves, with great suspense, reflects on the stakes of the real in the dominant culture’s production of images and emphasizes the importance of the ethics of care.

FIDMarseille 2021 (World Premiere), San Sebastian International Film Festival, Tacoma Film Festival, REDCAT, Galerie Allen, 2220 Arts and Archives Los Angeles, CA, Eureka Festival Universitario del Cine Bogota, Columbia, ACTORAL Marseille, France, in the permanent collection of FRAC PACA, on DA Films distribution starting November 2022


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