Lucy Kerr

I work through interdisciplinary performance, installation, and film and video. My work investigates the materiality and knowledge of the body and the limits of its representation. Through somatic practices, I explore the material body’s relationship to gravity and the porosity of the body with the environment. I interrogate the effects of disciplinary systems and the demands of history on the body while investigating processes of image-making, uncovering the loss and the potential in the production of images. An image could be one that is produced by the dominant culture that influences our sense of self, or, an image could be what is produced by the semiosis of everyday life - how we formulate and present ourselves and our bodies in effort to communicate and participate in language and social systems. In investigating the gap between the lived experience of the body and its representation, my work speaks to the physical and immaterial labor implicated in the production of images, the violence of representation, the construction gender, and the importance of interdependence, the unknowable, and the ethics of care. 


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