Lucy Kerr

I am fascinated with the gap between the body and its representation and with Theodor Adorno’s concept of nonidentity. According to the concept of nonidentity, an object cannot be fully known according to its identification, and objects have histories and are mutable. My work investigates the materiality and the knowledge of the body and the limits of its representation. My work considers the material body’s relationship to gravity as well as the effects of disciplinary systems and the demands of history on the body. I investigate processes of image-making to uncover what has been/could be lost or produced in the production of images. An image could be one that is produced by dominant visual culture, such as in the works, Crashing Waves, or, an image could be in the context of signs and language - how we formulate and present ourselves and our bodies in effort to participate in social systems, such as in the works, Four Girl Trick and Study for Les Noces.  I often take an ambiguous approach to the medium I am using and interrogate the elements of the apparatus and language at hand, in an effort to expand what cinema, performance, and hybrid forms may become. Though varied across media, my work speaks to gender, labor, power, the body, representation, and the importance of interdependence and the ethics of care.

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